This website is intended to present a qualified investor fund. The information contained herein is for promotion and information to (potential) investors. None of the information contained herein constitutes any tailor-made recommendation, does not take into account the circumstances and personal relationships of individual investors, their financial situation, knowledge, experience, objectives or needs, and the information does not intend to provide individual recommendations for specific investment instruments or strategies to specific customers. The investment in the fund is intended only for qualified investors. The presentation of the fund contains a number of important facts that lead on from this notice and all information needs to be read and understood as a whole, i.e. together with this notice.
Exchange rates, prices, yields, appreciation, performance, or other parameters achieved by individual investment instruments in the past cannot in any way serve as an indicator or guarantee of future exchange rates, prices, yields, appreciation, performance or other parameters of such or similar investment instruments. 
Investments are always associated with the risk of fluctuations in value and any return on funds initially invested is not guaranteed.
Investment in the Fund should not be considered to be the form or equivalent of a bank deposit, nor supplementary pension insurance or insurance. Investors must decide on the appropriateness and suitability of investments independently, taking into account the price, any potential hazards and the risk.
Even though the Fund uses CZK as its reference currency, some of the Fund's investments may be denominated in foreign currencies and investors are therefore exposed to changes in exchange rates that may affect their exchange rates, prices, appreciation or yields. It is vital to read the Fund's Statute and to have a thorough understanding of the risks identified therein.
Each investor should familiarise themselves with the investment instrument and the risks of the investment prior to the transaction, including independent expert assessments. For more details on (potential) risk warnings, please refer to the section entitled “Risk Considerations”.
If this site refers to the Czech National Bank, another domestic or foreign administrative authority or financial market supervisor, it cannot be inferred from these references that these institutions (or any one of them) guarantee the proceeds of any investment service or return on investment, or that these institutions recommend such investments.
The document is only intended for qualified investors. This document and the information and opinions contained herein may not be mechanically used to buy and sell securities.
All communications, evaluations and conclusions provided by the Fund in the form of various texts reflect the views of the author of the text at the time of publication.
The Fund assumes no liability for any damages incurred by third parties as a result of using the information from this website.
All the information and opinions contained herein are derived from, or based on, sources that the Fund regards as trustworthy. Although it has paid the utmost attention and attention to the content and verification of information used in the formulation of this document, the Fund does not assume any liability for its accuracy and completeness, although it does consider that it has been published or communicated to provide an accurate, complete and unbiased picture (with the exception of information directly related to the Fund).
The information on the investments provided herein is informative and does not replace individual prospectuses, contractual documents, company Articles of Association, Statutes or business terms and conditions.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that the information contained on this website should be read:

  • with the understanding that the prices, performance and objectives set out here do not take into account transaction and other costs associated with purchases and sales, that the data deals with gross returns, i.e. that they do not account for the impact of charges and other costs on the investment. Fees may decrease revenue by as much as one or two percentage points. Information on fees is contained in the relevant Fund documentation. The tax regime always depends on the individual circumstances of each customer and may change in the future.
  • in its entirety, not only in individual sections or removed from context,
  • in the context of other (previous and subsequent) documents. The information contained herein should not be considered to be irreversible and unchangeable,
  • in the context of the current market situation,
  • on the understanding that the information posted on the website has gone through a process where a large amount of data has been processed from numerous sources and that this process cannot be fully automated. It contains a large amount of manual processing, including possible manual transcription of data and, despite all our efforts and care, we cannot exclude the possibility of printing errors and errors resulting from the transcription or copying of data from other sources.
  • aware of the document’s limited scope and period of validity.
  • aware that it is in the interest of the user to supplement the information and suggestions contained in this document with other sources of information and comparison before making any investment decision.

The individuals offering this Fund are remunerated for their work, either directly by a fee paid by investors, or in the form of incentives paid out of (a share of) this fee. Each investor is informed of the specific fees and any incentives in the contractual and information documentation.
Should the investor fail to understand any of the information presented, of if any information concerning the Fund is not entirely clear or requires additional explanation, he / she is able to contact the relevant persons in the contact section (as well as via the contact form).

This document is issued by BHS REAL ESTATE FUND SICAV, a.s., which is a qualified investor fund within the meaning of applicable law.


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